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3.7v 1100mah 17500 battery

3.7v 1100mah 17500 battery
  • 3.7v 1100mah 17500 battery
Product name : 3.7v 1100mah 17500 battery
Product No. : CL17500
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li-ion batter 17500 1100mah 3.7v for led torch,rc toys.
4.1 Nominal capacity 1100mAh 0.2C Discharge
4.2 Nominal voltage 3.7V
4.3 Charge current Standard Charge 0.5C
Rapid charge 1.0C
4.4 Standard charging method 0.5C CC ( constant current ) charge to 4.2V,thenCV(constant voltage 4.2V)charge till charge current decline to ≤0.01C 0.5C CC
4.5 Charging time Standard Charging Approx 5 hours;Rapid charge Approx 2 .5hours
4.6 Max.charge current Constant Current 1C Constant Voltage 4.2V 0.01 C cut-off
4.7 Max.discharge current Constant current 1C end voltage3.0V
4.8 Standard dscharge current Constant current 0.2 C end voltage3.0V
4.9 Discharge lower limit voltage 3.0V
4.10 Charge upper limit voltage 4.20V
4.11 Initial impedance ≤80mΩ
4.12 Weight Approx 35g
4.13 Operating temperature Charging 0℃~45℃
        Discharging-20℃~60℃ ≤1 month
4.14 Storage temperature -20℃~45℃ ≤3 month
       -20℃~20℃ ≤1 year Percentage of recoverable capacity no less than 80% of the initial capacities
4.15 Recoverable capacity Constant current 0.5C charge to 4.2V, then constant voltage charge to current declines to 0.01C, rest for 10min,constant current 0.5C discharge to 3.0V,rest for 10min.Repeat above steps 3 times, recording the maximum capacity
4.16 Storage humidity ≤75% RH
4.17 Appearance Without scratch,distortion,contamination and leakage
4.18 Standard environmental condition
Temperature 23±5℃
Humidity 45-75%RH
Atmospheric Pressure 86-106 Kpa
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